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Ground or Monument Signs:
Meridian Technology Center

Browning Investments was working on a project to develop an area in Carmel, Indiana near 116th and Meridian Streets. The business center was to be called Meridian Technology Center. Browning contracted Staley Signs, Inc. to manufacture and install a series of ground or monument signs to identify the business center, the businesses within, and to help with navigation throughout to business center.


Some of the signs were internally illuminated and had routed aluminum faces backed with plexiglass. Others were not illuminated. They have vinyl letters and/or graphics applied to the aluminum faces. However, the signs did have a common theme. They had similar color schemes, incorporating beige and green. They also contained a series of inset circles and reveals. Using the shape of the sign to tie into the architecture of a building or facility really helps to distinguish the overall look of a business.

Awnings Signs: Frazier's | Backlit Letter: Conseco | Pole / Pylon Signs: First Bank |
Interior / Decorative Neon: Circle Center Mall 
| Ground or Moument Signs: Meridian Technology Center |
Cabinet Signs: Kosene & Kosene | Channel Letters: Indianapolis Westin and Shula's

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