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Backlit Letter: Conseco

Conseco has been a client of Staley Signs, Inc. since the development of their Carmel campus. When discussions about a new corporate identity took place, Staley Signs, Inc. was to manufacture and install (5) sets of backlit letters reading, "Conseco".


Staley Signs, Inc. was up to the challenge. As the signs were being manufactured, Conseco executives were allowed to visit our facility and watch their signs come together. The signs were built to a very rigid set of standards. They were spray finished with Conseco's custom PMS green. Furthermore, the letter style used was customized for Conseco by designers.

The installation began on a Friday after 6:00 p.m. and was completed by our sign technicians on Saturday night. Since then, several other Conseco signs have been made for the Carmel location and others.

Backlit letters are becoming more and more popular for their classic, distinct look. Staley Signs, Inc. has perfected the processes involved in manufacturing these signs by paying attention to the details.

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